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Uwe Bonnes bon at elektron.ikp.physik.tu-darmstadt.de
Thu Jan 18 13:52:40 CET 2018


some 10 year later and the discussion about NutEnter|ExitCritical is still
going on. See also
"confirmed!!! Re: NutOS 4.4.0 on ARM7: possibly bug in NutEnterCritical /

I had also some input by private mail.

Let me state some premises:
1. Changing the API of an existing function was a NO-NO with Harald and we
should keep that habit!

2. In our common code (nut/dev, nut/os) a lot of NutEnterCritical /
NutExitCritical() usage is used to protect a single access to single 2 or 4
byte Variable that could also be changed by an interrupt. This is needed for
any 8-bit architecure, but not for 32-bit arch. I brought up the subject  in
but the discussion mostly got into esoteric problems.

Things like nut/os/thread.c:NutThreadRemoveQueue()
    157     NutEnterCritical();
    158     tqp = *tqpp;
    159     NutExitCritical();

should get use a new macro that only expand to a critical section on 8-bit
archs and expand to nothing on 32-bit archs.

3. nut/arch/<32-bit arch>/os/thread|context.c NutThreadCreate()
has a code sequence
NutThreadAddPriQueue() {
... more code needing interrupts off ..

This is doomed for problems if you create thread during run time with much
interrupts going on. I have not yet met that problem as I create my threads
before I enter the "while(1){}" loop in main. But creating threads with a
lot of interrupts going on is a valid problem and must be handled.

4. Only in very rare cases should arch-specific code use critical section
with all interrupts disabled! Disable selected interrupts or use arch-
specific synchronization mechanisms instead.

5. os/msg.c is a heavy user of NutEnter|ExitCritical()
However there is no example code should the intended use. Any code pieces
showing the use is welcome!

What others do
On Avr an ATOMIC_BLOCK() macro is provided.
This has been ported to cortex:

Possible solutions:

For 1: Tag NutEnter|ExitCritical() as deprecated, but keep it untouched.
    Changing syntax and scope as Dusan proposed violated premise 1.

For 2: Add NutEnter|ExitCriticalAccess() macro, resolving to nothing on
       32-bit archs and to a valid critical section on 8-bit.
       This removes unneeded code for 32-bit archs.

For 3: We should consider the ATOMIC_BLOCK solution.
    Otherwise what about a solution like:
    int irq_state;
    irq_state = NutEnterCriticalNest()
    <protected code>
    Some new macro/function is needed to not violate premise 1.

Solutions 1 and 2 can be implemented probably with not to much hassle. But
solution 3 will break for architecture where there is no active user and
probably also for the message queue implemenation in os/msg.c as there is no
code to test.

Can people with out-of sync active trees live with such a solution so maybe
we get the trees in sync again? Comments?

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