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Tue Jun 25 15:28:40 CEST 2019

wiegelj writes:
> Hi folks,
> a few years ago I left my company to work as a freelancer and to have
> much more freetime :-). Now my old company asked me for help, because
> they have network problems that appear not very often. I don't know now
> if the problems are on the application or the network layer. The Nut Os
> Version is
> They are using a board design, based on the AT91SAM7SE-EK. In the past
> there was a setup to work with yagarto and using the debugging function
> with eclipse. But this is outdated now. Nower days there are a plenty of
> tools. Do anyone now which tool is recommended today and where I can
> find a "how to compile and debug the Ethernut stuff" today? Is the
> actual ethernut 5 supporting the old SAM7X Cpu?


SAM7X support was not active thrown out, but some bitrot may have
happened as most of the changes are STM32 related and not ethernet
On my system, I can compile  e.g. the httpd_upnp example for a
nucleo_f767zo board and for the sam7eth. When compiling for the
at91sam7se_ek, at first 
<command-line>:0:7: fatal error: arch/arm/board/at91sam7se_ek.h: No such file or directory
happend, but simple creating an empty board file made the compile

I use

There is not much traffic on this list. Harald is busy with other
task. But some ethernet related issues and solutions have been
discussed. Check first the mailing list archive.

Git log on the ethernet related files may also show what happened. Look
at http://ethernut.de/en/download/index.html how to get and update a
git svn repo.

Hope this helps


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