[En-Nut-Discussion] IAR Compiller and PPP implementation

Blazquez jblazquezdiez at euskalnet.net
Tue Apr 1 21:31:25 CEST 2003

Hi there! I am making a project with a GM47 (GPRS Sony Ericcsson Module)
and a ATMega128 and i want to implement a web browser on it , to do this
i need a PPP stack and also a IP stack. I've downloaded th source code
but i have some questions:
First: i have the IAR Compiller , can i compile the souce with it, have
i to do any changes or includes ????
Second : Is there anybody who has achieved to implement  PAP succesfully
Third : I don't have the 32K RAM extension, This would be a problem ? I
have to change something in the source?
Thanks you all in advace , and sorry about these questions cause  I'm a
completly newby in this field ,
Regards ,
Jon Blazquez
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