[En-Nut-Discussion] Problem with Port E Pin 5 and Ethernet

Peter Kunst scalar at home.nl
Wed Apr 16 11:46:10 CEST 2003

We had the same problem for our robot, we needed timers for pwm, three of
We rerouted int5 from the rtl8019 to int 6 on the board with microwire, and
did a full search&replace of INT5 to INT6 in the file " nictrl.c".
The initcommand in nutmain where it says: "NutRegisterDevice(&devEth0,
0x8300, 5);" is BOGUS! the 5 does not represent the interrupt of the
controller, is does nothing!

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  Hi! Thanks for your answer.

  But when we use Timer 3 for generating PWM on Port E Pin 5 it is set to
  and it works. It is only when the timer is not used that the problem
  What happens to the Ethernet interrupt when PE5 of the processor sends out
a PWM?
  And why choose a timer output pin as Ethernet interrupt? It apparently
  forces you to use the pin for Output C of Timer 3 or not at all.

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