[En-Nut-Discussion] Non-blocking NutTcpReceive()?

Harald Kipp harald.kipp at egnite.de
Thu Jan 30 19:24:56 CET 2003

Hi Stephen,

Mike is right. But it's a good idea to have the option
you suggested. If you want to do the mod yourself, I'd
suggest to use 0xFFFF and add

if(sock->so_read_to == 0xFFFF)
    return 0;

immediately before

if(NutEventWait(&sock->so_rx_tq, sock->so_read_to))
    return 0;

in NutTcpReceive() in tcpsock.c.

What problem with what solder joint? Hope, you didn't purchase
your board from egnite or a distri, but build one your own.
Otherwise I'd be very interested in the problem you had.

I just told Richard from ImageCraft, that we had very few
returns only. Most of these boards are OK when returned and
tested here. But I forgot to mention, that some users did
the repair themself. In any case I'd appreciate being
informed. (Please to me directly. We do not want to impress
the subscribers of this group with tons of rubbish sent out
by egnite. :-))


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