[En-Nut-Discussion] Ethernut major failure.

Lars Andersson laran at ikp.liu.se
Mon Mar 17 13:14:37 CET 2003


I used the Codevision programmer together with a STK500 dongle. Normally I use PonyProg
or nutisp, but since I didn't have a parallel ISP dongle when I was doing this I couldn't use it.

The idea with the oscillator may also be the problem here, I hope.

Yes, I do have other ethernuts, and square wave generators.

How did you connect the two ethernuts? just a wire between the oscillator pins on the
Ethernuts and a common ground?, do you know what pin it is ?

Thanks for the help!

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Hi Lars,

what software were you using to program the fuse bits?

and do you have a second ethernut, or some form of 5v square wave signal generator?

i had a similar problem once because i switched off the oscillator, but managed to fix it by injecting a signal into the clock (from a second ethernut with a program to make a square wave on it).


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Hi All,

I have really messed up!

I was going to set some fuse bits on the Ethernut and did something wrong and now
I can't get any contact with the board using my ISP dongle. When I try to get the
chip signature I get "0xFF 0xFF 0xFF, chip unknown."

Does anyone know in what ways I can reset everything back to normal?

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