[En-Nut-Discussion] AVR JTAG

Tyou tyou at i-da.co.jp
Tue Jun 1 18:12:39 CEST 2004

Hi All, (Thank Harald)

   In fact, I've already found ICE200 compatible JTAG cable DIY page online. Not only schematic but also executable code are downloadable. The BOM are almost one ATmega 163 and one RS232 level converter chip. Since the protocol between AVR studio and ICE is published by ATMEL,  I think it is helpful to disassemble and analyze the binary code.  There might be several steps:
   1. Develop a virtual COM windows driver to interface with AVR Studio.
   2. Write LPT related code.
   3. Analyze the ICE binary code and rewrite it for Windows system. Or just write a AVR software simulator to "execute" the binary code. 

LOL, maybe it is not worth spending time and energy on it.


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