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hildebr at ims.fhg.de hildebr at ims.fhg.de
Fri May 28 09:03:57 CEST 2004

Hi Alexander,

this is no natural behavior of connected sockets, neither of Nut/OS. I
used the "opend monitor socket"-version like a serial monitor myself.


> Hi.
> I have to establish TCP connection and stay connected for a long
time (e.g.
> several hours).  I create a socket 'dirsock' , start accepting the
> connection with port 23 (telnet)  - NutTcpAccept(dirsock, 23). When
> connected, I go to an infinite looped command monitor. It works fine
but if
> I stop active data exchange (issuing monitor commands through
telnet) it
> hangs after 10-15 seconds of idle state  and reboots through
watchdog timer.
> Is it natural behavior of connected sockets without active data
transfer or
> I miss something as usual?
> Thanks,
> Alexander Baranov
> Intech21, Inc.
> 50 Glen Street,
> Glen Cove, NY, 11542
> www.intech21.com
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