[En-Nut-Discussion] NutUdpSendTo doesn't return

Ulrich Hertlein ulrich.hertlein at artcom.de
Fri Sep 9 12:30:50 CEST 2005

Hi all,

(I only started with the Ethernut board this month so please forgive any 
stupid questions/assumptions on my part.)

A program I'm working on is driving me nuts (so to speak):
- a list of hosts with IP and MAC addresses is stored in EEPROM and read 
once upon startup
- the main thread waits for and processes TCP connections on port 23
- a second thread checks port D (pins 6 & 7)
   - either sends Wake-On-LAN packets to the hosts
   - or it sends a UDP 'halt' command to the hosts (where another prog. 
listens and initiates a shutdown)

Wake-On-LAN (via NutEtherOutput) works find but NutUdpSendTo never 
returns. Some debugging puts() hint at an ARP cache problem...
If I uncomment the NutUdpSendTo the program works nicely.

Has anyone experienced something similar?
Thanks in advance,

Ulrich Hertlein | Software Development

Kleiststr. 23-26 | 10787 Berlin | Germany

phone: +49.30.21001-433
fax: +49.30.21001-555

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