[En-Nut-Discussion] BUG in NutTcpConnect???

George Ruinelli george at ruinelli.ch
Sat Sep 10 14:30:47 CEST 2005

This is a question primarily to the developers of the TCP-Functions!

For some weeks, I tried to get inetq-example to work, but with only a minimal 
I also asked in the mailinglist, but without an answer.

I now started to analyze the inetq-example, and get some mysterious things:

1. The inetq-example converts the domain to the ip-adress.
   Then it calls NutTcpConnect with the ip and the port.
   BUT it NEVER uses INETURL, why???
   How to request a URL other than "/"?

2. This example works only, if the domain is on a dedicated server
   (this means one ip per domain).
   But what happens, when the server (with one IP) hosts more than
   one domain on this single IP? (normaly till over 1000 domains).
   => My answer: the server has a problem, because he doesnt know
   for which domain ethernut ask.
   I then sniffed my browser to understand how it works.
   Here the answer: after sending the "GET / HTTP/1.1"
   it also sends the domain: "Host: www.ruinelli.ch".
   BUT ethernet doesnt this!!!
   Is this a BUG or did I forgot something?

   This is also the reason, why only www.kornet.net but not 
   www.ethernut.de works.
   (the IP of www.ethernut.de is:
    now, try to load it on the browser, you will get:
    "The domain "" is not available.")

I really hope to get help from you!

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