[En-Nut-Discussion] Nut don't work anymore

Hugo Simon hugo.simon at gmx.de
Wed Jul 5 18:26:55 CEST 2006

Thank you Harald,

but even these binaries don't work on my Ethernut 2.1. So I think I have a
hardware problem. Can I do any tests to see what is wrong with it? Or what
else can I do.

Another strange thing I observed. If I connect my old split cable that
splits both com ports from the Ethernut's COM connector, and connect com1 to
the PC I get back strange characters, even if the Nut is switched off, if I
use a full featured normal com cable this didn't happen. I don't think my
cable or jumper settings are wrong because I used it a long time without

A few weeks ago the Ethernut works fine and wasn't used since then. Any
ideas what happened?


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> Hello Thorsten,
> A pre-compiled Basemon is available with the standard Nut/OS
> distribution for Windows. Look at nut/app/bin/atmega128.
> If you're using Linux, get it from www.ethernut.de/arc
> I just uploaded it there.
> Yes, the Basemon binary runs on Ethernut 1 and 2 and thus
> contains Ethernet drivers for the RTL8019 and the LAN91C111.
> Harald
> At 20:43 04.07.2006 +0200, you wrote:
> >Help please!
> >
> >I tried the new 4.1.9 version, and now my Nut doesn't do anything
> >Even if I downgrade to my previous installation 4.1.3.
> >
> >I tried compiling/flashing basemon and httpd samples. Both compile
> >errors, but the Nut shows no signs of life. Only the red powerlight comes
> >up, nothing else. No serial output, no carrier led from the Ethernet
> >controller. But flashing and verifying is ok.
> >
> >Any idea what happened. Maybe someone can send me a precompiled basemon
> >so to check if it is a hardware problem. I have the Ethernut 2.1 board.
> >
> >What I think is a bit irritating, in the compile output (see below) it
> >both network drivers are linked, the realtek and the smsc. Is that ok?
> >
> >Thank you
> >Thorsten
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