[En-Nut-Discussion] Nut don't work anymore

Hugo Simon hugo.simon at gmx.de
Wed Jul 5 19:21:38 CEST 2006

> on your side first. If you are using Windows, try AVRStudio to
> check the fuses.
> http://ethernut.de/en/isp/fuses.html
Fusebits seems like yours (except bootvector off)

> Further check your COM port and RS232 cable. Better use another
> computer and another cable.
I checked it with an old Ethernut1 and works fine.

> How about your programming adapter? Which software are you using
> to program the board?
I use a jtagice compatible jtag adapter using jtagice.exe. I can read/write
lockbits and flash content without problems, including verify.

> Finally check your power supply. Many of them claim to provide
> 9V at several hundred milliamps, but in fact the voltage drops
> with some load. It must be DC, AC won't work.
I use a little switching supply which gives 7V. Works until now, but because
it's a bit hard I now checked a 9V/1,5A supply, I measured 11,5V at the
barrel connector and 5.5V at the output pin of the voltage regulator chip.

> As the power LED is lit, the fuse (hardware fuse, not the ATmega
> fuses) seems to be OK.
Exactly, I burned it a long time ago and soldered a thin wire across it,
shame on me.

> If all this doesn't help, please return the board to egnite and
> it will be put back to life.
So this seems to be the only way. Maybe I can flash a small
blink-LED-Programm without using NutOS to the device. But if it works it
doesn't help. Then I know the AVR is alife, but all other...

Thank you for your hints.


> Harald
> At 18:26 05.07.2006 +0200, you wrote:
> >Thank you Harald,
> >
> >but even these binaries don't work on my Ethernut 2.1. So I think I have
> >hardware problem. Can I do any tests to see what is wrong with it? Or
> >else can I do.
> >
> >Another strange thing I observed. If I connect my old split cable that
> >splits both com ports from the Ethernut's COM connector, and connect com1
> >the PC I get back strange characters, even if the Nut is switched off, if
> >use a full featured normal com cable this didn't happen. I don't think my
> >cable or jumper settings are wrong because I used it a long time without
> >problems.
> >
> >A few weeks ago the Ethernut works fine and wasn't used since then. Any
> >ideas what happened?
> >
> >Bye
> >Thorsten
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