[En-Nut-Discussion] Nut don't work anymore

Hugo Simon hugo.simon at gmx.de
Wed Jul 5 20:01:58 CEST 2006

Hurra, it's alife again.

I tried a third power supply now. The first 7V supply seems to be to low
(suddenly, works for years?!), the reset controller held down the reset pin
all the time.

The second supply seems to have a defective rectifier, only the positive
halfwave came through. A third switching supply (from my ethernet switch)
with 8.5V gives life to the Ethernut again.

Why such defects came up in masses always? I hate Murphies laws!


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> At 19:21 05.07.2006 +0200, you wrote:
> > > If all this doesn't help, please return the board to egnite and
> > > it will be put back to life.
> >So this seems to be the only way. Maybe I can flash a small
> >blink-LED-Programm without using NutOS to the device. But if it works it
> >doesn't help. Then I know the AVR is alife, but all other...
> Basemon is quite tolerant, it even responds without external
> RAM. If you don't send spaces, it will automatically produce
> some output at 38400 baud after some seconds.
> I'd suggest to check the USART0 output from the CPU up to the
> RS232 level converter. If you don't have access to an
> oscilloscope, send the board back to egnite's Ethernut Clinic.
> Harald
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