[En-Nut-Discussion] at91sam7x ahdlc

Szemző András saam at kometa.hu
Wed Jan 23 08:28:46 CET 2008

I have a half-ready/test ahdlc driver for at91sam7x, wich is seems more or
less working. ( At least I can get an IP address via GPRS)
My uart1 is connected to the modem with full modem mode, but the driver
works only if I use the uart with normal mode (0),
if I enable 0x03 mode (full modem) it stops working.
I read the datasheet, but that isn't mention if I need to use PDC in this
mode. ( I know for HW handshaking at least the receive part needs to use
but for full modem mode I don't know. )
So, my question is I need to use PDC for full modem mode? Or is there any
PDC uart driver for sam7x's usart?

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