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Szemző András saam at kometa.hu
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Just to ask for my questions, I added DMA receive functions to the ahdlc
driver, and using the uart 
in hw handshaking mode, again, it seems to work. It's able to optain the IP
address, and syncronize the clock
via pool.ntp.org :)

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I have a half-ready/test ahdlc driver for at91sam7x, wich is seems more or
less working. ( At least I can get an IP address via GPRS) My uart1 is
connected to the modem with full modem mode, but the driver works only if I
use the uart with normal mode (0), if I enable 0x03 mode (full modem) it
stops working.
I read the datasheet, but that isn't mention if I need to use PDC in this
mode. ( I know for HW handshaking at least the receive part needs to use
PDC, but for full modem mode I don't know. )
So, my question is I need to use PDC for full modem mode? Or is there any
PDC uart driver for sam7x's usart?

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