[En-Nut-Discussion] Nut OS reliable on AT91SAM7X Evaluation Board?

Marcus Jansson jansson.marcus at yahoo.se
Fri Nov 13 13:21:38 CET 2009

> Wiegelmann wrote:
>> I'm looking for hardwareplattform with a little bit more performance than Ethernut 1-2 but cheaper than 3 or EIR. The At91Sam7x with the integrated network controller seems to ideal for me. Does anyone has experience with the  At91Sam7x- Eval Board and NutOs running? I think that a design with this processor could be a good and cheap replacement for Ethernut1.3 or 2. What do you think?
> The bad thing is, that Nut/OS doesn't make use of all the goodies
> offered by this chip [sam7x]. For example, PDC (DMA) is almost not implemented
> in the drivers.

I have implemented PDC (DMA) and also the PWMC unit for the AT91SAM7X256 Olimex board in Nut/OS.
I think Ulrich Prinz is reviewing the code right now ;)
Hopefully the code can make it into Nut/OS.


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