[En-Nut-Discussion] A few network related feature polls

Bernd Walter enut at cicely.de
Sun Nov 22 00:47:58 CET 2009

My target is to get 6LoWPAN including forwarding from Ethernet running.
Hardware is a AT91SAM7X256/512 with CC2420 Module.

So far I have two options available.
- Run a uIP thread on Nut/OS and catch all IPv6 packet.
- extend Ethernut to every required feature

The first point sounds easy since there is uIP code for 6LoWPAN with
CC2420 available.
The bad side is that this requires a rewrite of all applications
because IPv6 and IPv4 services use different client API.
Likely I will do this anyway to have a reference design available and
start doing simple services.

The second is a lot more work, but more attractive in the long run.
Basicly it is a list of many features, which I'm unsure about current
development status.
The main points are:
- running multiple interfaces with multiple IPs
- forwarding packet between networks
- IPv6 packet format in general

I know that IPv6 is not available, but it was often discussed and what
about the other points?

B.Walter <bernd at bwct.de> http://www.bwct.de
Modbus/TCP Ethernet I/O Baugruppen, ARM basierte FreeBSD Rechner uvm.

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