[En-Nut-Discussion] A few network related feature polls

Harald Kipp harald.kipp at egnite.de
Mon Nov 23 16:21:56 CET 2009

Bernd Walter wrote:
> My target is to get 6LoWPAN including forwarding from Ethernet running.
> Hardware is a AT91SAM7X256/512 with CC2420 Module.

Interestingly we at egnite plan something similar. Our first idea was to
implement ZigBee, but license issues makes this far less attractive.

> So far I have two options available.
> - Run a uIP thread on Nut/OS and catch all IPv6 packet.
> - extend Ethernut to every required feature

Adam's license fits well and we can probably steal a lot from his code
to extend the Nut/OS stack.

> The second is a lot more work, but more attractive in the long run.
> Basicly it is a list of many features, which I'm unsure about current
> development status.
> The main points are:
> - running multiple interfaces with multiple IPs

A little bit tricky, but not too difficult. At least routing is already
prepared for more interfaces.

> - forwarding packet between networks


> - IPv6 packet format in general
> I know that IPv6 is not available, but it was often discussed and what
> about the other points?


I'm only unsure about the release. We have 4.9 beta available for some
time now. Actually I'd prefer to have 4.10 (or 5.0?) out first, before
starting to add such a modification like IPv6. There is still some
clean-up work to be done (mainly the docs) for the next stable version.
I'd also like to have the qt based configurator and stable AVR32 builds
as well.

Any other opinions?


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