[En-Nut-Discussion] EIR and java script

Ulrich Prinz uprinz2 at netscape.net
Thu Jan 28 23:36:28 CET 2010


I am trying to improve the EIR a bit. So I added search functionality to 
the discover part. The code is not in the trunk of the eir sourceforge 
as I didn't test it against EK and AVR.

But I have a problem.
The discovery always requests the top10 from shoutcast on every click 
you do on that page. So I figured out how to detect if there was a 
text-search request or a genre list selection.
Fine. But these lists may get very long. So on every "play" or "add to 
favourites" click, you may get dropouts in sound, even on EIR board as 
for instance "Dance" gives from 800...1500 stations...

Even if you cache the results, it lasts a while until lists of sever 
hundreds of stations are put back to the html page.

Now I am looking for a java script solution that submits the data to the 
EIR but does eventually not update the page. In this case even small 
systems can work with larger lists, as they do not have to cache or 
retrieve the list every time again.

And I need a variable that is submitted to the EIR CGIfunctions that 
contains the action the user started (genre, search, play, whatever). Is 
this possible only with hidden input fields?

Any idea?

Best regards, Ulrich

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