[En-Nut-Discussion] Question about subversion merging

Ulrich Prinz uprinz2 at netscape.net
Wed Jul 20 21:58:05 CEST 2011

>> I was searching for the yagarto scripts but did not find them directly.
>> So I used the manual way:) 
> My toolchain build scripts (the one to build the compiler itself) are
> based on the Yagarto scripts. But you can download the ready to use
> toolchain:
> http://www.embedded-it.de/bsp-download/arm-eCross-eabi-2011-02-02.tar.gz
> The script to build the toolchain by yourself are here:
> http://www.embedded-it.de/bsp-download/arm-eCross-eabi-source-2011-02-02.tar.gz
> Sure you still need the sources of the different tools, they can be
> downloaded at our site too. See section "Source codes of the used
> OpenSource components"

Thanks for that!

I used your script with some slight modifications as I tried the
newlib-1.21.0 and so on. I miss insight too, so I'll add this.

But after some diggin into the deep I found that my system was missing
some packets and there was a compiler abort in binutils. I modified
tc-arm.c line 1900:
  firsttype.defined = 0;
  firsttype.index = 0;

Then the compiler runs through that.

I compiled my libraries on stm32:
"make -j TRGT=arm-eCross-eabi- all" 15s
"make -j5 TRGT=arm-eCross-eabi- all" 15s
"make TRGT=arm-eCross-eabi- all" 52s

-j and -j5 seems to make no difference in linux.

Ok, thanks again for the toolchain script, I will try to compile an
application and flash it...


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