[En-Nut-Discussion] Feature Request: Create Application Directory" for (q)nutconf

Ulrich Prinz ulrich.prinz at googlemail.com
Sun Feb 12 12:30:57 CET 2012


At first the separation of directory and makefile generation from
creation of all examples would be very helpfull.

To add an option that enables to export all libraries and headers and
creates a set of working application makefiles is very fine.
We often need to keep nut/os libraries synced with the application
source code to be able to reproduce avery single software release.

So if we could export the libraries and headers in parallel with the
applications it would be very handy for checking them in to SVN or


Am 08.02.2012 15:52, schrieb Ole Reinhardt:
> Hi Ulrich,
>> But if you develop lots of your own projects you might not like to
>> have all the examples installed.
> Yes, I well know this problem. I personally prefer to have a
> pre-compiled Nut/OS and to use just a few simple makefiles with my
> application, not all this directory hirarchy.
> Especialy when deploying Nut/OS as development environment for a board
> your customers won't ever compile Nut/OS by their own but just use the
> ready build libraries.
> So what I would suggest is to add an "Install Nut/OS" which would build
> the libraries, install it into a folder and add the necessary makefiles
> (just the ones for your compiler setting)
> As an example see 
> http://www.embedded-it.de/bsp-download/webserver_relais_demo.tar.gz
> (folder Nut/OS)
> I also modified the application standard makefiles to refer to the
> pre-installed ones.
> Another idea:
> This install button could also copy the header files so that one would
> not have to install the whole source tree too.
> Bye,
> Ole

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