[En-Nut-Discussion] Atmega 2561with more than 128k code and Winavr

Joerg Wiegelmann joerg.wiegelmann at gmx.de
Wed Feb 15 13:37:01 CET 2012

Hi Thiago,
thank you for your help. I do as you recommended and I got  new errors:

D:/nut/nutbld/lib\libnutcrt.a(fputs_p.o): In function `fputs_P':
fputs_p.c:(.text+0xc): undefined reference to `__strlen_P'

and the old errors again....

D:/nut/nutbld/lib\libnutcrt.a(vfprintf.o): In function `vfprintf':
vfprintf.c:(.text+0xa): warning: internal error: out of range error
vfprintf.c:(.text+0xc): warning: internal error: out of range error

I'm really disappointed now and I'm thinking about a change to another
hardware platform. Perhaps EIR or Arm with C# or so.....
My intention was to maintain my home-automation-project over the years.
But with a code size more than 128k it isn't possible any more to deal
with Atmel.
Thank you all for your help, any idea is welcome

Am 14.02.2012 15:52, schrieb Thiago A. Corrêa

......, but I would check out latest AVR Studio
(comes with compiler now) and try to build against that compiler.
Maybe it got fixed.

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