[En-Nut-Discussion] Devnut_m3n: architecture dependend directories

Don Ingram don at led.com.au
Tue Jan 17 04:00:30 CET 2012

The windows junction utility from sysinternals may be of use. I use that 
now for dropping different versions of winavr in and out of play.

On 17/01/2012 1:58 AM, Ole Reinhardt wrote:
> Hi!
>> May be we could place a makefile in every arch/ directory and one that
>> selects the right directory and includes the Makefile there.
>> Then we only have to clearify a naming convention for some files and functions.
> What about a similar mechanism like the linux kernel does?
> If you have a
> arch/cm3/... directory it will be symlinked to
> include/arch
> or similar. I just don't know if Windows (or the bash for windows which
> is supplied with Yagarto) does support symlinks.
> This way we could have a virtually common directory structure. There we
> could place an arch.h which the includes all necessary architecture
> specific files.
>> So we need to create a arch.h for every existing architecture and that
>> one includes standrised nut/os tokens.
>> So every architecture could define
>> #define NUT_DEV_USART1
>> #define NUT_DEV_USART2
>> and it could do it with logical numbers or addresses or pointers,
>> whatever it needs.
>> The user just includes arch.h and uses the tokens.
> Thats just done with the board.h, isn't it? In fact that's not the
> clearest solution.
> Bye,
> Ole



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