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chriss at pacific.net.au chriss at pacific.net.au
Tue Jun 19 09:22:57 CEST 2012

> The latest is ethernut-4.10.3.

Yes sorry, left off the .3; I have the latest version (ethernut-4.10.3.exe
downloaded 2 days ago). The windows dirname and config log just say 4.10.

> May be a problem with the Configurator? Did you run nutconf or qnutcont?

Ran nutconf (sans wXwidgets), will try nutconfgure tonight as well.

I have verified the problem for mmnet101.conf.
Mmnet104.conf is fine as are many other confs. It seems that I picked the
wrong board to start with...there was one other which did not work but I
cannot remember which one.

> Can you provide the contents of the log window of the Configurator?

14:24:25: Nut/OS Configurator Version 3.0.0
14:24:25: Linked to Qt 4.7.2, running on Windows XP
14:24:25: Working in C:\ethernut-4.10
14:24:33: OK
14:38:39: Creating Makefiles for avr-gcc in nutbld_m101
14:38:39: Creating header files in nutbld_m101
14:38:39: ----- Running 'make clean' -----
14:38:43: ----- Running 'make all' -----
14:38:43: make[1]: *** No rule to make target `avr/board/mmnet101.o',
needed by `libnutarch.a'.  Stop.
make: *** [all] Error 2
14:38:43: Build failed

I will verify all my results on a fresh machine in a few hours.
Thanks for your help

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