[En-Nut-Discussion] stm32f4_clk.c: STM32F2 and PLL configuration

Henrik Maier hmnews at proconx.com
Tue Feb 5 13:35:21 CET 2013

On 5/02/2013 8:41 PM, Uwe Bonnes wrote:
> Did you compare the schematics? On th PCC010v2, the phy has it's own
> crystal. Is the DP83848 driven by MCO out? And if yes, did you specify MCO
> with as least GPIO_CFG_SPEED_FAST or probably better GPIO_CFG_SPEED_HIGH?

Yes I checked that. Like the PCC010v2 the STM3220G_EVAL DP83848 phy has 
its own crystal and I jumpered the board not to use the MCO. I also 
changed the outputs to GPIO_CFG_SPEED_HIGH which made not difference. 
Only changing the PLL cfg makes the board work.

Would you be able to re-test once I apply the proposed changes to see if 
the driver still works on the PCC010v2?


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