[En-Nut-Discussion] Ethernut1.3H Hardware problem

Ole Reinhardt ole.reinhardt at embedded-it.de
Fri Jan 18 11:41:38 CET 2013


So I'm back from holidays :)

> When I run my main application which also use webserver (not basemone), it
> configure the network, then I found the application freeze, I don't know
> why, and also sure that the used code was working fine, because it have
> took a backup of it when at the problem happen at the beginning.

Sorry, I have to agree to Uwe. It's just good to see that the board
looks like it is working again, but you can't be sure, until you either
exchanged every IC on your board. An over voltage of 12V to a 5V system
will kill every controller in less than a second.

The problem is, that not necessarily the whole IC is damaged, but
perhaps just some functional units or even just a few transistors.

So It might look like the CPU is working, but it will run very unreliable.

I would also strongly suggest to get a new board. It will cost less
than all the time you just spend in searching the problem and replacing
the ICs.

My problem is that I can not give you any more usable hints for
searching the failure, as the problems gets more and more unspecific.
Searching such errors will normally fail with a chance of nearly 100%.

sorry for not having better news...


Ole Reinhardt

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