[En-Nut-Discussion] Ethernut1.3H Hardware problem

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Yes, You are right, this is my only way left, first I will change the uC,
if nothing changed I will replace the whole board, I hope not to do that,
any way thanks for replays from all of you guys.


On Fri, Jan 18, 2013 at 12:41 PM, Ole Reinhardt <
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> Hi!
> So I'm back from holidays :)
> > When I run my main application which also use webserver (not basemone),
> it
> > configure the network, then I found the application freeze, I don't know
> > why, and also sure that the used code was working fine, because it have
> > took a backup of it when at the problem happen at the beginning.
> Sorry, I have to agree to Uwe. It's just good to see that the board
> looks like it is working again, but you can't be sure, until you either
> exchanged every IC on your board. An over voltage of 12V to a 5V system
> will kill every controller in less than a second.
> The problem is, that not necessarily the whole IC is damaged, but
> perhaps just some functional units or even just a few transistors.
> So It might look like the CPU is working, but it will run very unreliable.
> I would also strongly suggest to get a new board. It will cost less
> than all the time you just spend in searching the problem and replacing
> the ICs.
> My problem is that I can not give you any more usable hints for
> searching the failure, as the problems gets more and more unspecific.
> Searching such errors will normally fail with a chance of nearly 100%.
> sorry for not having better news...
> Bye,
> Ole Reinhardt
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