[En-Nut-Discussion] Missing file in ethernut-5.2.1.tar.gz

Harald Kipp harald.kipp at egnite.de
Tue Nov 26 19:02:47 CET 2013

Hi Ole,

On 26.11.2013 18:24, Ole Reinhardt wrote:
>> If you are a Ethernut project admin (like Ole), you can even replace the
>> file in the download area of www.ethernut.de, because this typically
>> points to the Sourceforge file area.
> Ok, sorry! I was not aware of this fact! Thought the files were hostet
> on the webserver.

In any case the arc directory on the webserver contains a copy.

I intentionally used the keyword "typically". If there are problems with SourceForge, I need to switch the links back to the local arc directory. In general, the SourceForge file area is the preferred location.

> Yes, perhaps you could send me a short overview about what is needed to
> setup a development environment on Windows? (tools needed) Then I will
> try to setup the build there as well. This way I could at least try to
> support you with the windows builds as well.

You could try...but it will probably turn a few hairs to a grayer shade. :-)

Actually the tools are listed at the top of distcheck.lua:

BASE_PATH = "e:\\apps\\bin;%SystemRoot%\\system32;%SystemRoot%;%SystemRoot%\\System32\\Wbem;"

I use this to make sure, that I'm not inheriting any unwanted PATHs and that the script will not access executables from unwanted tools. I'm a bit paranoid here.

TOOL_PATH = "e:\\ethernut\\nut-trunk\\nut\\tools\\win32;"

This points to the standard executable folder. You can fill it from a previous installation, so you don't need to build everything upfront.

GCCAVR_PATH = "e:\\WinAVR\\bin;e:\\WinAVR\\utils\\bin;"
-- GCCAVR_PATH = "C:\\Program Files (x86)\\MHV AVR Tools\\bin;"

Path to WinAVR or the newer and preferred MHV AVR Toolchain available at

-- GCCAVR32_PATH = "%ProgramFiles(x86)%\\Atmel\\AVR Tools\\AVR32 Toolchain\\bin;"
GCCAVR32_PATH = "E:\\AVRToolchain\\bin;"

Tricky AVR32 toolchain. The first commented path refers to the standard Atmel Studio installation. I think the second one was extracted from a beta version somewhere. But any of them should do.

GCCARM_PATH = "%ProgramFiles(x86)%\\GNU Tools ARM Embedded\\4.7 2013q2\\bin;"

The ARM toolchain from Launchpad.

ICCAVR7_PATH = "e:\\iccv719avr\\bin;"

The ImageCraft compiler. The free demo version should work, but none is really required. If not found, the script will skip this build.

NSIS_PATH = "%ProgramFiles(x86)%\\NSIS;"

The installer, available at http://nsis.sourceforge.net

DOXY_PATH = "C:\\Program Files\\doxygen\\bin;%ProgramFiles(x86)%\\Graphviz2.27\\bin;%ProgramFiles(x86)%\\HTML Help Workshop;"

Doxygen and graphviz to create the docs, same as on Linux. Plus HTML Help Workshop, which is freely available from Microsoft. You can skip that for now, because since Nut/OS version 5.2 this tool fails with memory overflow. That's why the Windows Help file is currently broken in the beta distribution. I'm considering to switch to QtHelp.

Last not least you need Lua and


That's all! I guess. If not, remember that the Lua script produces extensive logs. Also note, that you can always remove parts from the script to eliminate problems with specific toolchains.

Too bad I'm not able to watch the first steps (and curses) of you Linux guy when diving into Windows cross compiler hell. ;-)



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