[En-Nut-Discussion] Special Multi Master I2C and AVR mega644

Ulrich Prinz ulrich.prinz at googlemail.com
Sat Jan 11 22:21:05 CET 2014

Hi Ole,

Thank you for support. I am coding a simulator for the machine a second
I will keep the original control unit and send only the main machine on
tuesday. So we have some time to finish a working thing. The guys then
can build in the small boxes on the last day of exhibition preparations.
That is no problem. It was planned to do it this way.

The simulator is a simple slave device that can be accessed at 0xaa

What is a bit disturbing for me is, that I could have this running on
any STM32F/L chip with NutO/S in an couple of hours. But I do not have
any STM32 on a small PCB and the devel kits I have are too large.

I hope I can avoid to call you on weekend, but thank you very much for
the offer!


Am 11.01.2014 21:04, schrieb Ole Reinhardt:
> Hi Ulrich,
>> There are two questions by now:
>> Does someone have a tiny version of NutO/S for that works on mega644
> Sorry, not yet. But in general a very simple system should be well
> running, as long as you only need 1-2 threads and the i2c driver.
> Very likely you'll only need to add the Mega644 to the config files and
> perhaps check for some conditional compilation in the AVR drivers.
> In general, what's the problem with Nut/OS on Ubuntu 13.10?
>> Does someone know a modified I2C stack that eats this stupid protocol above?
> No sorry. But on the AVR you could try to easily hand-craft the driver
> completely without any OS at all.
>> It is 'just' a prototype, but it will be shipped to an exhibition on
>> Tuesday. :)
> If you need any support, please send me a private mail or give me a call
> (see my mobile number below).
> Best regards,
> Ole

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